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The name of the game is to never stop selling. Getting cash flow coming into the business is key and the best way to do that is to make money every day as a sales rep or business owner. To really unlock this power we believe in abundance. Which means supporting others around you.

This challenge has a twist, you not only aim to make money every day, however, you have to make a referral to another business every day.

Group economics is a multiplier of sales..

Challenge Overview

21-Day Bootcamp and accountability. It will include live training from Desmond and 10 guest speakers which range from copywriting specialists, growth hackers, & million-dollar business owners.

We will focus on demand generation, nurturing leads, and converting leads.

The name of the game is to stay in the game, its not about how you start but how finish.

Guest Speakers So Far

Jamie Jay

CEO of Bottleneck Assistants

Samantha Burmeister

CEO of Nomad Copy Agency

Christopher Roche

CEO of Catalyst Consulting

Raechelle Minney

Founder of Her Money Club

Desmond Dixon


“Desmond is the best salesman and sales leader I have met in over 18 years in business because he cares about those he serves (both his clients and his team). He is a superstar in the making. If you have the chance to work with Dez, take it without hesitation.”

Samuel C.

CEO – Tech Startup and Agency

Our Approach

We believe in driving revenue through demand generation and unlocking revenue with high-margin backend offers. 

We do this by Identifying revenue opportunities with existing clients because it’s 10x easier to sell to someone who is already a buyer.

The second thing we do is develop another Demand channel and execute a niched outbound strategy based on giving value and abundance and not just “Hey, do you want to buy my stuff”

The last thing we do is leverage social capital to unlock revenue through joint ventures with other businesses that serve the same clients but something different. We are big on group economics and using leverage to grow. All tides lift all boats in the sea of abundance.

Our sweet spot are a business with a proven offer and customer satisfaction and accelerating the growth through the phases above. 100k to 1 million in the B2B space is something we can do all day. Because usually, the offers we create in phase 1 are 30-50k scalable offers, that have elements of repeat revenue.

Dez is a man of many talents and his superpower is connecting and identifying what the root problems are. He brought so much clarity to my process and even helped with understanding my communication style. He has tactical solutions that align with your power.

Josh Jacko

CEO, Illuminate Media

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